Help! My Ice Cubes Taste Horrible!

You will find that some fridges are equipped with an ice maker and a water dispenser, which is very useful because you don’t need to keep filtered water in your refrigerator nor do you have to worry about stacking up ice trays in your freezer. However, the convenience can quickly turn into a nuisance if the water and ice cubes you are dispensing have a weird and bad taste. There might be a lot of reasons why this is happening, and to help you sort it out, our appliance repairing company in Chicago has put together a few possible problems… Read More

Getting Rid of a Foul Smell in Your Refrigerator

Having a bad odor in your fridge is a problem that is more common than we think. However, getting rid of the smell is somewhat more complicated than simply taking out the food that is causing it, and it can sometimes be so strong that it actually changes the taste of other food you keep in your refrigerator. The good news is that there are simple and solutions to ridding your refrigerator of bad smells for good, which are provided in today’s article by our appliance repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois.   Give it a good clean   Over… Read More

Save energy when drying your clothes

There is nothing more frustrating than having to pay a hefty utility bill when you’ve had to dry a lot of clothes lately. Moreover, using too much energy is not only bad for the planet, it’s bad for your dryer. Extend the life of your dryer and get your clothes ready in an ecological way by reading this article provided by our appliance repair company in Chicago, Illinois.   First of all, you should really consider taking advantage of the Windy City by drying your clothes with air every once in a while if your location allows you to do… Read More

My dryer is not drying. Help!

It is always frustrating when an appliance is not performing its most basic function. Much like a freezer that doesn’t keep its cool — no pun intended — or a stove that fails to heat, a drying machine that does not dry your clothes can be infuriating, especially if you need the clothes to go to an important event. In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a couple of things to check on your dryer. Be sure to call Platinum Cares if you need a dryer technician in Franklin Park, Illinois.   Without further ado, here are some things you… Read More

Different washing options on your machine

When it comes to using our washing machine, most of us always select the same cycle and only change the water setting to suit our needs. However, if you take the time to examine your washer, you will find that there are many options you can choose from. To help you understand this array of possibilities, Platinum Services, an appliance specialist in Chicago, has prepared the following article. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any question.   First, keep in mind that the cycles available for your specific model may differ from those listed below… Read More

Fixing Your Own Dishwasher

Dishwasher are definitely a blessing in today’s fast-paced life where time wasted on washing dishes is highly frustrating. However, even more frustrating than washing dishes by hand is having our dishwasher stop working correctly when we rely on it. With today’s technology, hundreds of tutorials are available on the Internet to help you fix your appliances yourself. Moreover, today’s article will provide the do-it-yourselfer with basic things to keep in mind when attempting to repair your dishwasher. Platinum Services is an appliance specialist in Franklin Park, Illinois. Be sure to give us a call if you have any question.  … Read More

Common problems with front-load washers

Even if front-load washers are usually more ecofriendly and efficient than their top-part cousins, they may share some issues due to the complexity of their technology. To help you remedy issues that may arise in your front-loading washing machine, Platinum Cares, an appliance specialist in Franklin Park, has outlined some of the more common issues that may come up over the years. Be sure to call them up if you have any problem.   Washer tumbles during cycle washing machine moves a lot  This is likely occurring because the machine is not correctly adjusted. If you do not have a… Read More

Compactors Common Problems

Compactors are used to lessen the space taken by garbage. A lot of businesses rely on their compactors and trash would quickly accumulate without them. This is why Platinum Cares has prepared the following list of common issues that can arise in compactors. Even so, compactor problems should not be taken lightly and should be dealt with by appliance repair technicians. If you need compactor service in Franklin Park or Chicago or have any question regarding this article, be sure to give Platinum Cares a call.       Compactor won’t start First of all, make sure the unit is… Read More

Energy Star Appliances

Let’s face it. Life is expansive, which is why we want to save money where we can. With energy costs and environmental taxes on the rise, appliances can quickly become a money pit. Today, saving energy goes hand in hand with saving money. This is the main purpose of the Energy Star Label:  identify eco-friendly appliances and make life easier for consumers who buy them. However, environmental-friendly appliances come at a price. This is why our appliance company in Chicago, Illinois, has prepared a list of pros and cons of Energy Star Appliances. Be sure to give us a call… Read More

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Most ovens today are now equipped with a self-cleaning function, which reduces the time required to clean them. Even if this function is fairly easy to use, not many people take advantage of it. Indeed, most people seldom clean their oven, which makes accumulated debris and grease harder to remove when they finally do so. Platinum Cares, an appliance repair company in Chicago, has prepared the following method to help you clean your self-cleaning oven. By following this procedure, you will be able to optimize the usage of the self-cleaning function.   Start the self-cleaning function The button can usually… Read More

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