Using Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Function

oven-self-cleaningNowadays, a majority of ovens possess a self-cleaning option, which provides an efficient way to maintain your oven without having to manually clean it. Many owners believe that cleaning an oven is an extremely time-consuming task, which leads them to avoid performing the task regularly. However, grease and debris accumulate and harden over time, thus becoming more difficult to remove. Platinum Mechanical Services in Franklin Park, Chicago has prepared the following post to help you use your oven’s self-cleaning function.


Activating the Self-Cleaning Option

First, remove the racks so as to avoid damage from high temperatures. Then, press the self-cleaning button, which can often be found at the bottom of the oven. The cycle lasts approximately three hours, plenty of time for you to clean the oven racks!


Removing Grease and Debris

Once a cycle reaches completion, let the oven cool down. The burnt grease and debris residue will have left a white power in your appliance. A nonabrasive brush should be used to remove the powder. Use soapy water if necessary.


Cleaning the Oven Door Glass Panel

The glass panel tends to require additional washing after a self-cleaning cycle. Start by scrubbing with hot water to get rid of stains. Then, mix a cup of baking soda with half a cup of hot water and apply the resulting paste on the glass. Wait 15 minutes, then spray with a mix of vinegar and water and wait another 15 minutes. Wipe the glass and you’re all done!


Maintaining a clean oven by removing debris and spills as they occur is a habit that will ensure an easier cleaning process in the future. For any appliance related questions or concerns, contact Platinum Mechanical Services, appliance repair specialist in Franklin Park, Chicago.

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