Washing Laundry with Cold Water

washing-laundryMost appliances consume a lot of energy and are expensive to use throughout the year. Life being as expensive as it is, everyone wants to save as much money as they can where they can. This is why Platinum Services, an appliance specialist in the Illinois, wants to offer you a simple and useful tip: use cold water for laundry.

Some statistics about yearly household energy usage show that the amount of loads per household is about 400 loads. Each load will be using about 40 gallons of water per load. Those studies then go on to demonstrate using hot water for your laundry costs about $0.68 per load, while washing in cold water only costs about $0.04 per load. This shouldn’t be surprising, as a lot of energy is needed to heat the water. To save money on your electricity bill, use cold water as much as you can. You will definitely see the difference on your electricity bill at the end of the year. Comparing the numbers listed above show a huge difference: With hot water, the average load of 0,68$ times 400 loads in a year gives us 272, as opposed to 16$ when using cold water.

The best part is that using cold water will not make much of a difference in the thoroughness of the wash if you use the right detergent. Results will be similar. Also, clothes will not get damaged and will be less likely to shrink in cold water. Hot water may be used on occasion (for resilient stains), but doing so once in a while will not have a big effect on your electricity bill.

If have any questions regarding your washer or if you need professional appliance service in Franklin Park, do not hesitate to give Platinum Services a call. The staff will make sure all your appliances are performing at their best. You can also visit their website to learn more about what they offer.

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