Pros and cons of gas stoves

gas_stoveThere are many types of stoves, but one type that has been around for a very long time is the gas stove. It is not the most modern of technologies but many people still prefer it because it is usually reliable and performs better than electric stoves. Gas stoves are now well designed in order to fit your modern kitchen. Platinum Mechanical Services has prepared this article to show you the benefits and disadvantages of gas stoves. This will help you make a decision on which type of stove you want to buy.



  1. Safety

Gas stoves have a safety system that prevents fires. The power stops automatically when the flame is out.

  1. Control

You can control the cooking temperature by actually seeing the intensity of the flame. This visual aspect allows you to notice if gas is too low or too high.

  1. Cost

Gas stoves are usually cheaper than other types of stoves. They usually cost between $250 and $2000. Prices vary depending on the brands, the models and the features.



  1. Hard to clean

Gas stoves are made in a way that makes it harder for you to reach some spots when you want to clean it. A gas stove is also harder to clean because you will have to use stronger products.

  1. Not as efficient as induction cookers

Gas stoves are not as good if you are looking for low-heat-cooking. Induction cookers are better for that task.

  1. Not as reliable

Another problem with gas stoves is the fact that you have to refill them from time to time. You always have to make sure you won’t run out of gas.


If you have any subsequent questions on gas stoves of if you are a gas stove owner experiencing problems with your appliance, be sure to give Platinum Mechanical Services a call if you need an appliance specialist. With fair prices and an amazing team, this appliance repair company will make sure everything is up and running.

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