The History of the Washing Machine

washerWashing machines are found in almost every home in North America but it took a long time for them to become the modern machines we use everyday. Technology has evolved and has reached a new level. We went from scrubbing boards to fully automated machines. Here is a brief summary of the history of the washing machine.


1797: the scrubbing board is used everywhere.

1851: James King patents the first washing machine containing a drum.

1858: Hamilton Stone creates the rotary washing machine.

1874: William Blackstone invents the first home washing machine.

1900: Creation of the first electric washing machine.

1907: Invention of the wooden-tub washing machine by Maytag.

1908: The first electric washing machine made of a galvanized tub and an electric motor is created by the Hurley Machine Company.

1911: The electric motor wringer washer is invented by Whirlpool.

1920s: Introduction of the copper tub, which makes the machine less noisy.

1922: Maytag starts manufacturing the agitator washing machine.

1950s: People begin using the automatic washing machine. Introduction of the spin dry feature. Invention of washers with buttons, temperature, agitation and spin speed.

1978: Creation of microchip-controlled automatic washing machines.

1990: Invention of a washing machine with two cylinders that rotate in opposite directions by James Dyson.

2001: Creation of the first vertical high efficiency washing machine by Whirlpool.

2006: Air wash, which only requires 50 litres of water, is first used by Sanyo.


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