Mistakes To Avoid With Your Washer

Closed washing machineA washing machine is a big investment. One that will hopefully last you a long time. While we may be in a hurry to clean clothes at the end of a long working day, it is important to avoid making classic mistakes when handling your washing machine. To help you with this, Platinum Mechanical Services, an appliance technician repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois, has prepared a short list of common mistakes that washer owners often make without realizing it.


Using too much detergent

While we sometimes have very dirty clothes that we want to make sure to clean, using too much detergent is not a good idea, as it can wear your machine in the long run, especially if you are using very strong detergent. It will also have an effect on your clothes, making them stiffer. With detergent, it is best to err on the safe side.


Leaving the dispensers dirty

Here, we’re talking about the little slots in which you put your detergent and softener. It is extremely important to clean them after every wash, just as you clean the filters in your dryer after every spin. Failure to cleaning these liquid dispensers could cause a clog due to the build-up.


Not emptying your pockets

Sure enough, that pocket change will not ruin your machine, but what about a dollar bill, a pen or a piece of paper? Not only can these ruin your clothes, but they can also block the drain, which can become a costly problem that anyone would like to avoid.


Forgetting your clothes in the washer

Leaving your clothes in the washer for an hour or two after the cycle will probably not cause much damage, but it is a bad idea to leave them in for a longer time than that, as humid clothes are a perfect environment for moisture. Not only can this moisture make your clothes smell really bad and potentially ruin them, it can also make your machine stink! It is also recommended to leave your machine open once you are done.


Avoiding these mistakes will likely extend the lifespan of your appliance, and so will performing preventing maintenance on your washer every once in a while. Should you run into any issue, be sure to contact Platinum Services for fast and efficient washer service in Franklin Park, Illinois.

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