Deciphering how you should dry your clothes

washing-laundryIf you ever glanced at a label behind your shirt, you might have noticed that not all clothes are made equal. Indeed, different fabrics call for different drying options. To help you sort it all out, Platinum Cares, a certified drying machine servicer in Franklin Park, Illinois, has outlined most of the drying options you can use to get your clothes ready after a dip in the washing machine. Be sure to get in touch with them if you have any questions.


Hanging your clothes

Some fabrics are so fragile that they simply cannot be put in the dryer, or they will become damage. When you purchase a new piece of clothing, always make sure to read the label to see what you should do with your clothes for drying, but also for washing.


No Heat Cycle

Also known as the Air Fluff cycle, this option on your drying machine allows you to get your clothes dry as you would by hanging them out to dry, as it simply blows room temperature air on your clothes. Note that this cycle is not recommended for big loads, as it will not dry your clothes properly.


Cool Air Cycle

Also known as the delicate cycle, this option is mostly used for hand-washed clothing, lingerie, wool items and any fabric that is sensitive to heat.


Warm Air Cycle

This cycle is very useful for work clothes, and you might find it under a different name, such as tumble dry or permanent press. However, do know that you need to take your clothes out of the machine as soon as the cycle finishes, as they might become wrinkled if you forget them


Hot Air Cycle

This is the most common cycle, and can be used for most clothes, including jeans, underwear and towels



Sensor Drying

Some dryers come with the option of drying your clothes until they become completely dry, no matter how long it takes. This can be an interesting option. You can select it with high heat or low heat, depending on the fabric of your clothes.


Of course, newer models may come with options that have yet to be explored and that have not been analyzed in this article. If you have any question on your dryer or if you are in need of appliance service in Illinois, Chicago, be sure to get in touch with Platinum Cares today for good service.

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