Standard Issues in Electric Ovens

imagesElectric stoves are a pretty convenient home appliance. While it is true that they may lack a little bit in efficiency when you compare them to gas stoves, but they do make up for it with safety and ease of use. Still, problems are bound to rise from time to time even in the best electric stoves. To help you troubleshoot these problems when they occur, Platinum Cares, an appliance servicer in Chicago, Illinois has provided the following common problems and solutions to help you fix your oven yourself before turning to an appliance repair company.


Problems in electric ovens — as you may have guessed — are usually caused by a faulty electric component. The good news is that most electric stove parts should not be too expansive nor hard to change. Here is a short list of common faulty parts in electric stoves.


Defective wires

Each electric oven is equipped with baking and broiling equipment. Oven time, these parts may become damaged or suffer burning. Check your oven every once in a while to make sure nothing is damaged.


Temperature calibrator

This is what tells your oven to bake at 375F when you ask it to. If you’ve been trying recipes and never getting them right, your cooking skills might not be the problem after all. The calibrator might be defective. Stick an oven thermometer in there the next time you cook something. It will tell you the actual temperature of your oven, which may be off compared to your instructions.

Heating Elements

Whether you are talking about the spiral elements on the stove or the baking and broiling elements on the inside, these can wear and become useless over time. Refer to your instruction manual for models specifics, but changing one of these bad boys shouldn’t be too hard.


While these may be the most common faulty parts in electric stoves, it is possible that you come across an issue that is not listed above. If that is the case, do not hesitate to get in touch with Platinum Cares right away for expert electric stove service in Franklin Park.

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