Serious oven cleaning

oven-self-cleaningUnlike stoves, which get cleaned pretty much every other day, ovens are often the big losers when it comes to getting cleaned with the rest of your kitchen. This means that when you do think about cleaning your oven, it is usually pretty dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. To help you get this done, Platinum Cares, an appliance servicer in Chicago, has prepared a couple of tips to get the job done.


When it comes to cleaning products, there are a lot of options out there. However, most of these products contain high amounts of chemicals, which is usually something you want away from your food, especially in an enclosed space. This is why you should try to go for eco-friendly options. That way, you will make sure there are no carcinogens in your next dish.


To make sure you don’t miss any spots, take out the racks before you start cleaning that oven. Give them a good rub to get the bulk of the food off, then soak them in hot water mixed with a cleaning product.


Depending on the type of oven you have, you may or may not use abrasive sponges to clean your oven. In doubt, refer to your instruction manual. If you can, use the sponge to get those persistent stains off the inside walls. Once that is done, simply clean your oven with a standard cloth soaked in soapy hot water. Make sure you remove any debris at the bottom of the oven. This process might take a while, depending on how dirty your oven has become. Once you are done, wipe all the inside walls with a dry cloth or leave your oven door open to let it dry on its own.


Take your racks out of the water and dry them. Put them back in your oven.


Doing this every once in a while will insure your oven is always working optimally and prevent nasty smell due to burnt food. If you seem to be having problems with your oven, be sure to give Platinum Cares a call for prompt oven service in Franklin Park, Illinois.

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