Common problems with front-load washers

shutterstock_142830325Even if front-load washers are usually more ecofriendly and efficient than their top-part cousins, they may share some issues due to the complexity of their technology. To help you remedy issues that may arise in your front-loading washing machine, Platinum Cares, an appliance specialist in Franklin Park, has outlined some of the more common issues that may come up over the years. Be sure to call them up if you have any problem.


Washer tumbles during cycle washing machine moves a lot

 This is likely occurring because the machine is not correctly adjusted. If you do not have a level measurer, just go to a hardware store and get one for a few bucks. Placing the level measurer on the machine will tell you right away if it is straight. If it isn’t, adjust the legs of the machine until it is flat. If the machine’s level is adequate, you might be dealing with a shock absorber issue, and those parts might need replacement. Refer to your instruction manual.


Water drainage does not seem to work

Unfortunately, contrary to top-load washing machines, opening the door will instantly cause a spillage on your floor, which can ruin your floors if the machine is not placed in a room that is equipped to handle water leakage (such as ceramic floors) and a drain. If you experience this issue, it’s best to err on the safe side and get a professional washer technician over to solve the problem in an efficient manner.


The washer’s cycle stops halfway through

More often than not, that problem is caused by a defective component. Take note of the moment when the cycle stops abruptly, and you will be likely be able to pinpoint the faulty part using your instruction manual. If things get out of hands, get in touch with an appliance specialist.


If you are dealing with an issue that is not listed here or if you think you are unable to deal with the problem yourself, leave it in the hands of the pros! Get in touch with Platinum Services right away for fast appliance service in Chicago and Franklin Park.

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