Help! My Ice Cubes Taste Horrible!

You will find that some fridges are equipped with an ice maker and a water dispenser, which is very useful because you don’t need to keep filtered water in your refrigerator nor do you have to worry about stacking up ice trays in your freezer. However, the convenience can quickly turn into a nuisance if the water and ice cubes you are dispensing have a weird and bad taste. There might be a lot of reasons why this is happening, and to help you sort it out, our appliance repairing company in Chicago has put together a few possible problems and their solutions.


Food that is not sealed properly or going bad


Ice cubes tend to absorb the odors that are emitted by food. Thus, if you have been stacking frozen meat or dishes in containers that are not properly sealed, the ice cubes might have absorbed a combination of odors, giving them a funny taste. Make sure that the food is always sealed properly, and don’t hesitate to add a freezer deodorizer to throw in there. Also, if something has been in your refrigerator or freezer for a long time, it might have started to rot. If that’s the case, then you need to throw it out and give your fridge and freezer a good clean.



Filtration system that needs to be changed


The problem with your ice can stem from a filtration system that has become worn out and needs to be changed. It is estimated that filters on refrigerator water and ice dispensers need to be changed every six month. If you’ve had your unit for a couple years and still don’t know what a filter looks like, then it might be time to dig up your instruction manual and figure out how to change it. The filtration issue could also be coming from your city water system. If you live in the countryside and your water is hard, it might be worth it to install an extra filter in your refrigerator.


If think that a more serious issue is at hand, you should get in touch with Platinum Cares today for fast refrigerator service in Chicago and Franklin Park.


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