How to Choose an Induction Stove

As appliance technology expands, so do the options for consumers. This is especially true with induction stoves, which have become a nice kitchen trend in the last few years. This is because they are not only very efficient at cooking food, they do so in a safe manner. That being said, choosing an induction stovetop among all the possibilities that are available can be mindboggling. To help you narrow down your options, our appliance company in Chicago has prepared a short list of things to consider before choosing an induction stove.



This is probably the most important criterion to consider. As with every other home appliance, there is no fixed amount of money you can expect to pay for an induction stove, and prices vary greatly. This is why you need to establish how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.



Setting your budget will help you establish how fancy you can get with your induction stove. Most models come equipped with at least a “booster” function — which allows you to boil water really quickly — and a “timer” function, which lets you decide the intensity of your cooking and how long your stove has to work for. Once time runs out, the cooking device shuts down automatically. More advanced equipment might also include functions such as “grill” or “keep warm”. In the next few years, we will probably more new and exciting functions appear on the market.


Type of induction

Speaking of future induction stovetop technology, have you heard about full zone induction tables? In layman’s terms, it means that your cooking area is not restricted to 4 or 6 circles, but rather the whole surface of the stove, which means you can place a pot anywhere on the induction table and it will cook. When you shop around for an induction stovetop, make sure you have in mind what type of induction you want to have.



When renovating a kitchen, size matters, and you need to make sure you choose a stove that will fit well in your home. Know that different sizes are available and that you need to know the dimensions of your kitchen.


As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when deciding to invest in an induction stovetop. Moreover, if you already have a stovetop and if it is giving you trouble, give us a call here at Platinum Cares. Our appliance servicing company in Franklin Park and Chicago, Illinois will make sure to fix up any of your defective appliance at a fair price.

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