Shaking Washer: Common Causes

A lot of people experience a shaking washing machine at least one time in their life. When we say “shaking”, we don’t mean the regular shaking that occurs naturally during every cycle, we’re talking about loud thuds and bangs that actually cause the machine to tilt and can damage it. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single specific reason that can cause a washer to shake in a way that can damage it, and that’s why you need to figure out what is giving the jitters to your machine. To help you with that, our appliance servicing company in Chicago, Illinois, has underlined a few possible causes of the issue.


The legs are not adjusted properly

While this might be the most common cause of your machine going into overdrive during spins, it is one that tends to sneak up on us washing machine owners, as we tend to take the balance of the legs for granted. However, if you feel that your machine is not standing straight on its legs, be sure to adjust them. Refer to your instruction manual for specifics and check for damage while you’re at it.


The springs are broken

The suspension and springs are among the parts that help to keep your machine stable every time it runs. To explain briefly, the springs act as a movement limiter during loads, which means that your machine can’t move around too much. However, if they become loose or damaged, they can’t perform their task properly. Damaged springs will have to be changed promptly. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to the machine.


The shock absorber has become old

There are parts on home appliances that need to be changed every once in a while. The shock absorber is one of those parts. Once it becomes weak, it doesn’t absorb shocks as well as it should, which means that you’re more likely to hear loud bangs every time you run a heavy load.


Changing parts on your washing machine can be complicated. If you’ve located the problem, but are actually unable to change the defective part, give us a call at Platinum Cares. With prompt appliance service in Franklin Park, Illinois, we’ll make sure everything is up and running in no time.

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