Why Your Refrigerator Is Leaking and What to Do About It

If there was only a single cause behind refrigerator leaks, we wouldn’t have to write this article. Unfortunately, as a refrigerator repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois, we come across a lot of different causes behind refrigerator leaks, and it is a common problem for home appliance owners. Today’s article will give you a couple of parts to look into if you recently noticed that your refrigerator is leaking. Be sure to give us a call if you have any question.


— Drain pan: This part is located directly under your refrigerator and collects small amount of water that is generated naturally by the unit. Take it out, empty it, and look for cracks or any kind of damage that may cause the pan to drip water on the floor. Give it a good clean while you’re at it. If you notice water under your refrigerator, this is the first part you should check.


— Ice maker: If your unit is equipped with an ice making system, it is the second thing you should check if there is water under your refrigerator, because there might be a problem with the connection between your ice maker and the water line which causes your fridge to leak. Common issues are cracked seals and a loose pipe connection. Make sure everything is working without leaking.


— Drain Tubes: All refrigerators are equipped with drain tubes to remove excess water from the unit and redirect it to the drain pan. However, these pipes are prone to get clogged by ice or food debris. If you noticed that your pipes are not performing as they should, remove them and give them a good clean and use a hair dryer or warm water to melt any ice that has formed.


— Defrost drain: A lot of refrigerators are actually a combination of a fridge and a freezer, which means that the latter will be equipped with a defrost function. Similar to the drain tubes, this drain can become clogged and should be cleaned with hot water.


If you checked out all those parts but still can’t identify the problem, it’s time to call in the professionals. Give us a call at Platinum Cares for prompt refrigerator repair in Chicago and Franklin Park.

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