Are HE Washers worth it?

High Efficiency washing machines have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, notably because they are very friendly to the environment. However, do they work as well as traditional washing machines? Today’s article will try to answer that question by providing a short list of advantages and disadvantages of HE washing machines. Be sure to get in touch with our appliance service company in Chicago, Illinois if you have any question.


Before we get started, you need to know that there are mostly two types of washing machine out there: front-load and top-load.



Water Usage — HE washing machines require a lot less water to perform their duties than traditional washing machine. If you have a lot of clothes to wash, this can translate to lower utilities’ bills.


Quality of cleaning — HE washers are known to clean clothes better than traditional washing machines due to the way they’re designed. Additionally, they do it with less soap.



HE Detergent — High Efficiency washing machines are picky when it comes to the soap used to clean clothes, and regular laundry detergent won’t work as well, and you might find suds on your clothes if you don’t use HE Detergent. In a sense, it makes a HE washer restrictive.


Thoroughness of cleaning — If you have very dirty or soiled clothes, it might be harder for a HE washing machine to clean them completely. Of course, that depends on the model and cycle you choose.


Cleaning time — As you might have heard, cleaning clothes with a HE washing machine can take a lot more time than with a regular washing machine. Usually, you need at least 1 hour to wash a load with a top-load model and 1 hour and 15 minutes with a front-load model.


As you can see, HE washers have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the deciding factor remains your personal preference. If your goal is to save money and the environment, do opt for a HE washing machine. If your goal is cleaning your clothes fast, maybe consider purchasing a traditional model.


That being said, if you’re having trouble with your washing machine, whether HE or not, give us a call at Platinum Cares for fast washing machine service in Franklin Park and Chicago.

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