How Long Can Food Be Kept in the Fridge?

A refrigerator is one of the most useful appliances in the house, and if it breaks down in the middle of the night, we’re in for a nasty surprise when we wake up the morning after, as food tends to go bad quickly when it is not refrigerated, but what about if it is? How long can you safely store different foods in your fridge? Our Franklin Park and Chicago appliance repair company answers this question in today’s article.


First, you need to understand that when it comes to storage, not all food is created equal. Aside from the unperishable and honey, which can last pretty much forever, different foods will stay fresh for different times.


Vegetables and fruits


Making an exhaustive list of how long each individual vegetable or fruit lasts isn’t the point of this article, so we’ll just stick to the average, which is between 3 to 7 days. Expect garlic and onions to last longer.


Meat, eggs and dairy products


When we say dairy, we mean yogurt, cheese, milk. Sure, they all have an expiration date, but sometimes, they can go bad quicker than expected. The good news is that expired dairy is easy to spot: it gives off an unmistakable smell. This will happen oftentimes when the container is close to being empty. However, generally speaking, eggs can be kept for over a month, while milk will usually last for a week once opened. Finally, expect butter, cheese and cream (sour and heavy) to last a few months, though this may change depending on the type.


As for raw meat, chicken will last about two days, beef and pork will usually stay fresh for about 3 or 4 days. Again, if you notice that something doesn’t seem right or smells funny, you shouldn’t take any chances.


What if the fridge breaks down?


If your refrigerator stops working, you have to act quickly to place a service call, or else you’ll have to throw out your meat and dairy after 4 hours, because bacteria might have formed.


To that effect, if you need refrigerator service in Chicago and Franklin Park, be sure to get in touch with Platinum Cares today.

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