What To Do If Your Fridge Suddenly Stops Cooling Properly?

As a proud certified refrigerator servicer in Chicago and Franklin Park, we come across different appliance issues every day. However, some issues are more recurrent than others, such as a refrigerator that is not cooling as it should. To address this, we’ve prepared a short list that outlines common reasons that can explain why your refrigerator is not doing its job properly. Make sure you get in touch with us if you have any question.


Start capacitor

The main purpose of this part is to jolt up the unit when the refrigerator starts cooling. Obviously, if it fails, your fridge can’t cool down. Unfortunately, to see if that part is actually defective, you’ll have to check the current with a voltmeter and replace the part if it isn’t responsive.


Evaporator and condenser fans motors

These fans are located in different parts of the refrigerator, yet they all serve the same purpose: to circulate the air in order to attain and maintain a cool temperature in the refrigerator. If any of them stops working, the temperature in your unit will be affected. To test if they’re defective or not, simply try to turn the fan by hand. If it works, your fan motors are working properly. If you can’t move the fan, you will have to replace the motor, as it is defective.


Condenser coils

These little bad boys tend to get very dirty over time, which prevents them from performing their job correctly: getting rid of the heat. The coils are actually the “pipes” where the refrigerant passes through. Accumulated debris on the condenser coils translate to poorer performances, thus resulting in a warmer fridge.


The compressor

The compressor is like the heart of the fridge. It helps to circulate the refrigerant through the condenser coils as well as the evaporator. Of course, if it stops working properly, your unit might not function at all. Replacing a compressor is a complicated (and expensive) process, which is why you should make sure you checked out other possible faulty parts before assuming your compressor is defective.


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