Appliances You Must Own If You’re Always Busy

In 2017, people are busier than ever, focusing on their careers while trying to balance family time and leisure time, which probably means you don’t have hours to dedicate to chores every week. In today’s article, our appliance servicing company in Franklin Park, Illinois, will give you a couple of useful appliance you should consider investing in if you’re always running out of time.


Speed ovens


As its name states, a speed oven is an oven that does its thing faster than a regular oven. Twice as fast, actually. Concretely, you can roast a chicken in about half an hour. The best part is that it doesn’t affect the taste of the food you cook in it. It simply reduces the time you have to wait for it. Of course, there are different models available and prices may vary.


Self-cleaning ovens


To continue on the topic of ovens, let’s talk about self-cleaning ovens, not the old, hot, foul-odor type of self-cleaning, but a new technology that uses water and low heat to get rid of stains and spills in your oven. In just under an hour, the technology will get rid of nasty messes while you can tend to other things.


Speedy dishwashers


There’s no argument that a dishwasher is one of the best home appliances when it comes to saving time, especially if you hate doing the dishes. That being said, having to wait almost two hours for your dishes to get clean can be a setback, which is where a speed dishwasher will come in handy. You’ll only need between 20 and 30 minutes to complete a cycle, which means you won’t have to wait long if you forgot to start the dishwasher before leaving for work.


A refrigerator that makes coffee


Yes, you read correctly. A lot of people rush out in the morning without having the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee. Well, thanks to some new refrigerator models available on the market, you can now get a cup of coffee directly from a system built within the door. Just press a button, wait for your to-go cup to be filled up and get on with your day.


As you can see, new technology emerges every day in the field of appliances. However, even the best technology can come up with issues. If that’s the case, call Platinum Cares for prompt appliance service in Chicago, and we’ll fix the issue in no time.

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