Tips to Optimize the Performance of your Washer and Dryer

While this dynamic duo is best at keeping your clothes fresh, clean, and smelling wonderful, they tend to get dirty themselves if they are not cleaned from time to time. However, there are “hacks” you can perform on your appliances to keep them clean as well as preserving your clothes in the best state possible, which are given to you today by our appliance repair company in Chicago. Be sure to get in touch with Platinum Cares should you have any question.


Make your own laundry detergent


Most products that are available out there are full of irritant chemicals that can wreak havoc on your clothes, but also on your machines! There are tons of DIY recipes for laundry detergent on the internet. Not only will you likely save money, you’ll also keep your appliances and your clothes for a longer time.


Avoid dryer sheets


While dryer sheets are great to add a good smell to your clothes, they can have an effect on your towels, making them less effective in absorbing water. You should go for a reusable dryer sheet instead, one that will last you for hundreds of load.


To each their own


Not all clothes are made with the same fabrics, and thus, your clothes are not to be washed uniformly. Be sure to separate your whites, your colors and your blacks. Additionally, be sure you turn your darks inside out before the wash. Also, did you know that adding a teaspoon of salt can prevent color fading? Finally, make sure that you’re not afraid to juggle around with the temperature settings in order to adjust it for each type of clothes.


Give your machines a good clean


You should make sure you clean your drying and washing machine thoroughly once in a while to keep them in optimal condition. Make sure you empty the lint trap of your drying machine after each load and that you clean the inside of your washer from time to time.


If you’re experiencing any issue with your home appliances or that you need a washer or dryer servicer in Chicago, be sure to get in touch with Platinum Cares today.

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