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Energy Star Appliances

Let’s face it. Life is expansive, which is why we want to save money where we can. With energy costs and environmental taxes on the rise, appliances can quickly become a money pit. Today, saving energy goes hand in hand with saving money. This is the main purpose of the Energy Star Label:  identify eco-friendly appliances and make life easier for consumers who buy them. However, environmental-friendly appliances come at a price. This is why our appliance company in Chicago, Illinois, has prepared a list of pros and cons of Energy Star Appliances. Be sure to give us a call… Read More

How To Clean Your AC Properly

This is a question we get a lot, and our customers like to keep their AC clean to avoid overheating and overuse. Today’s article, brought to you by Platinum Cares, an appliance servicer in Franklin Park, Illinois, outlines the main steps you need to do to insure proper cleaning of your AC every once in a while. Be sure to give them a ring if anything comes up.   First of all, know that you should clean your AC every month. When we say cleaning the AC, we’re mostly talking about the air filter, which can be found by removing… Read More

Finding the Right Appliance Repair Service Company

When one of your major appliances breaks down, you don’t always have time to shop around and evaluate options as you need to get it fixed ASAP. Taking the phone book or looking on the web, you quickly realize there are hundreds of companies in your city. It is not easy to know who you should call if it never happened in the past. Be careful, there are several unreliable companies out there. It is good to know the basics on hiring a repairman. What you need is a good price and a trustworthy company, therefore making sure the job… Read More

4 Useful Tips for Hiring a Repair Technician

When you realize that one of your appliances is not working the way it should, making a weird noise, your fridge is not keeping your food as cold as it’s supposed to or your oven won’t cook your food, time has come to get it checked by a repairman. But we all struggle when we are looking for the right appliance repair technician. How do you choose? And how do you make sure that you’re not paying too much for the service call? Use these tips and simple guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your appliance… Read More