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Tips on How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Sparking

Stainless steel appliances are very popular and fit any style of kitchen. Not only do they give a great look to your kitchen, but they can keep their sparking effect for many years if well maintained. However, they can be hard to clean and you have to use the right detergents if you want keep them shiny. We’ve pointed out a few tips on how to clean stainless steel. But how can we keep our appliances sparking for several years? There are specific mild soap and creams designed to clean stainless steel. You clean the surface with the soap and… Read More

Safety Tips While Repairing your Dishwasher

When one of our appliances is giving us trouble, some of us will attempt to fix it ourselves.  If you are handy and you already located the faulty part, it can be a good idea to try. It can be a lot cheaper and faster than calling a company like us. However, you have to make sure you know what you are doing for these 2 reasons: You can make the problem worst. By manipulating parts and moving them around, you can disconnect or touch another part, which will cause another issue. You can hurt yourself. If you are not… Read More

Why would you Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The main reason to buy Energy Efficient Appliances it that they use less energy. Considering that, you can save both energy for the environment and ultimately, your electricity usage goes down and you save money. We all know that to run a house, from hot water, heating electronics and appliances, it can become very expensive. We’ll focus on the appliance part in this article and how choosing Energy Efficient Appliances can make you save big bucks on the long run. Here are some tips on buying Energy Efficient Appliances. Always look for the Energy Star Tag This tag is easily… Read More

Great Tips to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

We use and depend on our appliances and most of the time; we don’t even realize how much home appliances and electronics will be accountable for more than half the electricity used in a house. Electricity prices are always increasing and a careful use of your appliances may result in saving a lot of money. You should watch your energy usage in order to keep your energy cost down. electricity we use. Have you ever thought about how much energy you’re consuming in your home? According to recent studies, Let’s start by enumerating simple tips everyone can use: Turn off… Read More

Tips for a Healthy Dishwasher

Summertime often brings with it backyard barbeques and garden parties. But after all your guests have gone home, it’s up to the little dishwasher appliance that could to tackle the plates. Help your appliances do their job by following these tips and tricks: Scrape food bits off plates and bowls before loading them into the dishwasher. (Energy-saving tip: avoid pre-rinsing dishes. Energy Star says on average, pre-rinsing uses 20 gallons of water per dishwasher load.) This not only helps to reduce stuck-on bits but also puts less strain on your dishwasher‘s seals and traps. If you know your kitchen taps… Read More

4 Useful Tips for Hiring a Repair Technician

When you realize that one of your appliances is not working the way it should, making a weird noise, your fridge is not keeping your food as cold as it’s supposed to or your oven won’t cook your food, time has come to get it checked by a repairman. But we all struggle when we are looking for the right appliance repair technician. How do you choose? And how do you make sure that you’re not paying too much for the service call? Use these tips and simple guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your appliance… Read More

My Dishwasher is Too Fancy to Fix

Today’s dishwashers look intimidating. They have so many dials or push button controls and they dish washer look so complex to repair. Its really not the case. With the exception of the actual control panel that’s present on the appliance, the basic design of the dishwasher – whether its LG, Samsung, General Electric, you name it – hasn’t really changed much over the last 20 years. We’ll give you a few tips and ideas to help repair your dishwasher but don’t’ forget that if you ever need help, we are only a short call away for an appliance repair specialist…. Read More

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