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What’s That Smell In My Dryer?

You’ve had that dryer for a few years now and it’s been working fine up to that point. However, last time you dried some clothes, you noticed that your clothes and dryer smell absolutely horrible. To avoid further bad surprises and smells, Platinum Services, a dryer specialist in the Franklin Park area in Illinois, has prepared a couple of easy steps to follow to hopefully remedy the problem. If things get out of hands, give us a ring.   Figure Out Where The Problem Is You need to make sure your dryer is not filled up with debris and lint… Read More

Problems with the Dryer Door

Dryer won’t stay shut   This is the most common problem, even for newer models. Dryers have a safety switch that prevents the machine from working when the door is not closed and latched. However, the door sometimes pops open mid-cycle, which shuts the motor off. This can happen because the load is too heavy. You can try running a smaller load before having your dryer repaired.   The door shuts but the latch doesn’t catch   This can be caused by different factors. It usually happens because the door’s hinges are bent or tweaked. In order to avoid this,… Read More

The air fluff cycle

There is a cycle that is unknown to a lot of people, and Platinum Mechanical Services wants to give you some information about this cycle you’ve probably noticed but never used. The air fluff cycle is different from other cycles because it doesn’t produce warm air around the drum to remove moisture. It doesn’t require heat. The cycle simply turns off the heating element and dries the clothes using room temperature air. It is gentle on the clothes and is useful for delicate fabrics because it removes the water by simply shifting the clothes around the drum. In some cases,… Read More

Whirlpool Dryer Issues

Whirlpool appliances are usually reliable. Even so, even the best appliances will encounter some problems at one point. You may even need to retain the services of an appliance repair company, whether it is to perform preventive maintenance or to tend to a more serious issue. However, before jumping on the phone, try to troubleshoot your appliance first. Platinum Services, an appliance repair company in Franklin Park, Illinois, has put together a couple of common issues Whirlpool dryer owners can come across…Read more

Preventive Maintenance On Your Dryer

One of the ways to increase the lifespan of your appliances is to perform preventive maintenance on them regularly. Doing so only takes a few minutes of your time and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Platinum Services, an appliance repair company in Chicago, gives you the following tips to perform basic preventive maintenance on your dryer…Read more

Finding the Right Appliance Repair Service Company

When one of your major appliances breaks down, you don’t always have time to shop around and evaluate options as you need to get it fixed ASAP. Taking the phone book or looking on the web, you quickly realize there are hundreds of companies in your city. It is not easy to know who you should call if it never happened in the past. Be careful, there are several unreliable companies out there. It is good to know the basics on hiring a repairman. What you need is a good price and a trustworthy company, therefore making sure the job… Read More

Shopping Guidelines for Home Appliances

Because we are experts, we can give you great tips on what to look for when you want to buy new home appliances. There are several appliances found in a home, from the toaster to the A/C but in this article, we pointed out the major ones and gave you the basic factors to consider in your shopping process.  RangeThe first element to consider when shopping for a range an oven is whether you want a gas, induction or electric oven. This choice will be influenced by your cooking preferences and the type of energy in the house. You will… Read More

Energy Efficient Laundry

Our appliances use a lot of energy throughout the year. We all want to save as much money as possible on our electricity bill. Recent studies show that in a yearly average, the amount of loads in a regular household will be about using 40 gallons of water per load. Analysis show that doing your laundry in hot water cost about $0.68 per load, while washing in cold water cost about $0.04 per load. Pretty much all the energy needed in a load is the one used to heat that water. The first step in saving money is here: Use… Read More

Why would you Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The main reason to buy Energy Efficient Appliances it that they use less energy. Considering that, you can save both energy for the environment and ultimately, your electricity usage goes down and you save money. We all know that to run a house, from hot water, heating electronics and appliances, it can become very expensive. We’ll focus on the appliance part in this article and how choosing Energy Efficient Appliances can make you save big bucks on the long run. Here are some tips on buying Energy Efficient Appliances. Always look for the Energy Star Tag This tag is easily… Read More

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