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Help! My Ice Cubes Taste Horrible!

You will find that some fridges are equipped with an ice maker and a water dispenser, which is very useful because you don’t need to keep filtered water in your refrigerator nor do you have to worry about stacking up ice trays in your freezer. However, the convenience can quickly turn into a nuisance if the water and ice cubes you are dispensing have a weird and bad taste. There might be a lot of reasons why this is happening, and to help you sort it out, our appliance repairing company in Chicago has put together a few possible problems… Read More

Energy Star Appliances

Let’s face it. Life is expansive, which is why we want to save money where we can. With energy costs and environmental taxes on the rise, appliances can quickly become a money pit. Today, saving energy goes hand in hand with saving money. This is the main purpose of the Energy Star Label:  identify eco-friendly appliances and make life easier for consumers who buy them. However, environmental-friendly appliances come at a price. This is why our appliance company in Chicago, Illinois, has prepared a list of pros and cons of Energy Star Appliances. Be sure to give us a call… Read More

Why Is My Freezer Too Warm?

Most freezers are actually built to be dependable, so when an issue arises, it is hard to notice it at first. But then, you see that some items are actually frozen solid while others are warmer. Most people will just decide to not act upon that little weird fact and just hope that the situation resolves itself. The truth is that you should do something about that, because it might something more serious. To help you get started, Platinum Services, an appliance technician in the Franklin Park area of Illinois is providing you with a couple of tips.   Check… Read More

Advice to Reduce Refrigerator Energy Costs

Watch what food you store   What and how you store food in your refrigerator can really help with energy costs. Having more food to fill up your refrigerator actually helps to reduce energy costs because there is then less air space to cool down. Yet at the same time, you want to make sure you don’t overfill so you don’t cut off the ability for the air to circulate in the appliance. Also, make sure all of your food and beverages are covered or put into containers. Any sort of moisture that is being filtered through the air in… Read More

The Benefits of a Small Refrigerator

All houses have a refrigerator in the kitchen to store fresh food used weekly and freeze food for later. However, your kitchen may be too small to allow the use of a big fridge. Instead of altering your kitchen layout to have a bigger space for your refrigerator, consider purchasing a second refrigerator for the garage. This second refrigerator can be very useful to store extra food. You can also buy an undercounter refrigerator. They are designed to store beverages such as wine, beer, and soft drinks.   What is the purpose of buying an undercounter refrigerator? An undercounter refrigerator’s main purpose is to store beverages, though you can store… Read More

Criteria to consider when choosing your refrigerator

There are on the market many models and brands of refrigerator. It can be complicated to find the right one for your needs. It’s important to well identify your needs before going in an appliance store. That will simplify the process and the seller will be able to find the right models for you. The basic questions you should answer are:   What size do I need? What type should I choose? What’s my budget? Which options I would like to have?   You are now ready to go shopping! But, before to do so, read more about refrigerator features…. Read More

Well Use Your Appliances to Save Money

We cannot imagine our life without our appliances. We use them every day to make our life easier. The refrigerator is always running, the dishwasher is started once a day and a washing machine can run 4-5 times during a laundry day. Have you once thinking that your home appliances are using almost half of the electricity you consume every year? A non-efficient use of your appliances may have a big impact on your electricity bill. It’s important to have good habits that will help you reduce your energy consummation:   Turn off the light when you leave a room… Read More

Finding the Right Appliance Repair Service Company

When one of your major appliances breaks down, you don’t always have time to shop around and evaluate options as you need to get it fixed ASAP. Taking the phone book or looking on the web, you quickly realize there are hundreds of companies in your city. It is not easy to know who you should call if it never happened in the past. Be careful, there are several unreliable companies out there. It is good to know the basics on hiring a repairman. What you need is a good price and a trustworthy company, therefore making sure the job… Read More

Tips to Maintain Your Refrigerator and Freezer

When people buy a refrigerator or freezer, they expect to keep it for a long time. They spend hundreds of dollars to buy the one that correspond to their needs. Therefore, it’s in the interest of the consumer to take a well care of these appliances. Also, a fridge or freezer well maintain will be more efficient and consumed less energy. Here are some tips that can prevent premature damage of your fridge or freezer.   Level the unit: You have to ensure that your unit is level with the ground. That will make sure the foods inside your fridge… Read More

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