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Which Appliances Can Cause A Fire, and am I At Risk?

The purpose of this article is not to create fears in our readers, but rather to make them aware of the extra precautions they should be taking when using home equipment that is more likely to spark a fire in their house. This is why Platinum Cares, an appliance specialist in Franklin Park, Illinois, has taken the time to outline these precautions. Do not hesitate to ring them up if questions arise throughout your reading.   It is safe to say that, as a general rule, larger appliances have a higher risk of causing a fire by failing. This is… Read More

Pros and cons of gas stoves

There are many types of stoves, but one type that has been around for a very long time is the gas stove. It is not the most modern of technologies but many people still prefer it because it is usually reliable and performs better than electric stoves. Gas stoves are now well designed in order to fit your modern kitchen. Platinum Mechanical Services has prepared this article to show you the benefits and disadvantages of gas stoves. This will help you make a decision on which type of stove you want to buy.   Benefits Safety Gas stoves have a… Read More

What Are The Types Of Stoves Available?

Technology is constantly evolving. Home equipment we owned merely a decade ago is now practically useless as opposed to what is available today. Home appliances are more functional, safer and more environmentally friendly than they ever were. For example, stoves have evolved immensely from being fueled by wood. Since so many kinds of stoves are available to consumers, it can be quite difficult to select the best type of stove for our individual needs. This is why Platinum Mechanical Services has prepared the following post to make your decision easier. Contact them if you need appliance repair service in Chicago,… Read More

Finding the Right Appliance Repair Service Company

When one of your major appliances breaks down, you don’t always have time to shop around and evaluate options as you need to get it fixed ASAP. Taking the phone book or looking on the web, you quickly realize there are hundreds of companies in your city. It is not easy to know who you should call if it never happened in the past. Be careful, there are several unreliable companies out there. It is good to know the basics on hiring a repairman. What you need is a good price and a trustworthy company, therefore making sure the job… Read More

Shopping Guidelines for Home Appliances

Because we are experts, we can give you great tips on what to look for when you want to buy new home appliances. There are several appliances found in a home, from the toaster to the A/C but in this article, we pointed out the major ones and gave you the basic factors to consider in your shopping process.  RangeThe first element to consider when shopping for a range an oven is whether you want a gas, induction or electric oven. This choice will be influenced by your cooking preferences and the type of energy in the house. You will… Read More

Tips on How to Keep Your Stainless Steel Appliances Sparking

Stainless steel appliances are very popular and fit any style of kitchen. Not only do they give a great look to your kitchen, but they can keep their sparking effect for many years if well maintained. However, they can be hard to clean and you have to use the right detergents if you want keep them shiny. We’ve pointed out a few tips on how to clean stainless steel. But how can we keep our appliances sparking for several years? There are specific mild soap and creams designed to clean stainless steel. You clean the surface with the soap and… Read More

How to Purchase an Oven

Before buying an oven, there are several aspects to look at. You have to go with your preferences, but also look at how it will accommodate your kitchen. The following characteristics should be evaluated at the moment you want to purchase a new oven: Installation Type Fuel Type Size Features Brand Choose between the three different installation types: Regular standalone ovens: They are the regular style. The appliance is completely freestanding and has panels on each side. Drop-in ovens: They are built in the counters or the cabinets and are always electrical. Slide-in ovens: They are similar to freestanding ovens,… Read More

4 Useful Tips for Hiring a Repair Technician

When you realize that one of your appliances is not working the way it should, making a weird noise, your fridge is not keeping your food as cold as it’s supposed to or your oven won’t cook your food, time has come to get it checked by a repairman. But we all struggle when we are looking for the right appliance repair technician. How do you choose? And how do you make sure that you’re not paying too much for the service call? Use these tips and simple guidelines to make sure you get the most out of your appliance… Read More

An Easy Way to Adjust Your Gas Stove Temperature to Correct Settings

So you are cooking and baking and everything constantly seems to be coming out all wrong. Things are or over cooked. Food doesn’t taste right. Cakes aren’t spongy and your meatloaf would be better served as asphalt. undercooked Don’t worry. It’s probably just that your gas oven needs to have its temperature setting adjusted. If you still have the manual, you should dig it out and follow the instructions here. If you don’t, try this fairly simple and surprising easy way to adjust the temperature of your stove or oven. Of course, if you need help, you can always contact… Read More