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Appliances You Must Own If You’re Always Busy

In 2017, people are busier than ever, focusing on their careers while trying to balance family time and leisure time, which probably means you don’t have hours to dedicate to chores every week. In today’s article, our appliance servicing company in Franklin Park, Illinois, will give you a couple of useful appliance you should consider investing in if you’re always running out of time.   Speed ovens   As its name states, a speed oven is an oven that does its thing faster than a regular oven. Twice as fast, actually. Concretely, you can roast a chicken in about half… Read More

How to Choose an Induction Stove

As appliance technology expands, so do the options for consumers. This is especially true with induction stoves, which have become a nice kitchen trend in the last few years. This is because they are not only very efficient at cooking food, they do so in a safe manner. That being said, choosing an induction stovetop among all the possibilities that are available can be mindboggling. To help you narrow down your options, our appliance company in Chicago has prepared a short list of things to consider before choosing an induction stove.   Budget This is probably the most important criterion… Read More

Energy Star Appliances

Let’s face it. Life is expansive, which is why we want to save money where we can. With energy costs and environmental taxes on the rise, appliances can quickly become a money pit. Today, saving energy goes hand in hand with saving money. This is the main purpose of the Energy Star Label:  identify eco-friendly appliances and make life easier for consumers who buy them. However, environmental-friendly appliances come at a price. This is why our appliance company in Chicago, Illinois, has prepared a list of pros and cons of Energy Star Appliances. Be sure to give us a call… Read More

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Most ovens today are now equipped with a self-cleaning function, which reduces the time required to clean them. Even if this function is fairly easy to use, not many people take advantage of it. Indeed, most people seldom clean their oven, which makes accumulated debris and grease harder to remove when they finally do so. Platinum Cares, an appliance repair company in Chicago, has prepared the following method to help you clean your self-cleaning oven. By following this procedure, you will be able to optimize the usage of the self-cleaning function.   Start the self-cleaning function The button can usually… Read More

Preventive Maintenance On Your Oven

Much like any other appliance, an oven requires preventive maintenance. The focus of this article will be on increasing the lifespan of your oven. The following tips are provided by Platinum Cares, an appliance repair specialist in Chicago, Illinois. Be sure to get in touch with them if you have any concern following your reading.       Clean the inside of the oven Cleaning your oven regularly will in fact help it to run more efficiently and to cook more evenly. Furthermore, spills and stains can be hard to clean once they solidify on the walls.   Cook a… Read More

Serious oven cleaning

Unlike stoves, which get cleaned pretty much every other day, ovens are often the big losers when it comes to getting cleaned with the rest of your kitchen. This means that when you do think about cleaning your oven, it is usually pretty dirty and needs a thorough cleaning. To help you get this done, Platinum Cares, an appliance servicer in Chicago, has prepared a couple of tips to get the job done.   When it comes to cleaning products, there are a lot of options out there. However, most of these products contain high amounts of chemicals, which is… Read More

Which Appliances Can Cause A Fire, and am I At Risk?

The purpose of this article is not to create fears in our readers, but rather to make them aware of the extra precautions they should be taking when using home equipment that is more likely to spark a fire in their house. This is why Platinum Cares, an appliance specialist in Franklin Park, Illinois, has taken the time to outline these precautions. Do not hesitate to ring them up if questions arise throughout your reading.   It is safe to say that, as a general rule, larger appliances have a higher risk of causing a fire by failing. This is… Read More

Oven maintenance

Prevent Build Up   In order to prevent build-up and maintain efficient baking, ovens should be cleaned at least 1-2 times per year. You can use your oven’s self-cleaning setting, if it has one, but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe use of this feature. Be at home during the cleaning process and open a window to help with ventilation, as your kitchen will get quite warm in the process. To cut down on burnt drippings along the bottom of the oven, you can place a foil-lined cookie sheet at the base or bottom rack of the… Read More

Tips To Repair a Bosch Electric Oven

Having been around for over 75 years, Bosch is a reliable home appliances company. Even so, minor issues or major problems can occasionally arise in your oven. When this happens, you can try fixing the oven yourself, though that may be tricky if you do not know much about it. Different types of ovens (induction, gas or electricity) require different care. To help get you started, Platinum Mechanical Services, an appliance repair company in Franklin Park prepared this post about common problems encountered by Bosch Electric oven users, though the advice provided below can apply to other brands. Damaged or Cracked Door Seal When… Read More

Using Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Function

Nowadays, a majority of ovens possess a self-cleaning option, which provides an efficient way to maintain your oven without having to manually clean it. Many owners believe that cleaning an oven is an extremely time-consuming task, which leads them to avoid performing the task regularly. However, grease and debris accumulate and harden over time, thus becoming more difficult to remove. Platinum Mechanical Services in Franklin Park, Chicago has prepared the following post to help you use your oven’s self-cleaning function.   Activating the Self-Cleaning Option First, remove the racks so as to avoid damage from high temperatures. Then, press the… Read More

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